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~ 08/11/10

Okay…so I’ve been going a little nuts lately with my busy schedule and so much stuff on my mind, but I wanted to drop a quick Monday update.



1.  Measure Your Movement


It is pretty well known that people under report what they’re eating and over report their exercise.  On the exercise front, often I’ll use an Omron Pedometer to get an objective measure of physical activity for people.  While they aren’t perfect (and the BodyMedia FIT is probably better) they are relatively accurate and less expensive.  More importantly though, it will give you something to go on when you think you are moving a lot…and you really aren’t.  With the colder months coming I think people will be shocked at how little they actually move. 


I usually recommend that people record track their daily steps for a week (good models of the Omron brand will store 7 days worth of data) and then calculate a daily average.  Each week thereafter I have them attempt to add 500 steps per day.  And just so we don’t get confused here, I’m not saying that increasing your steps will necessarily result in more fat loss.


What I am saying is:


- Greater physical activity improves health markers (you don’t look very good if you’re dead).

- Increased activity decreases waist circumference even if you don’t lose fat (yep…smaller waist…not even dieting).

- 5 hours of physical activity per week doesn’t necessarily mean more fat loss, but better long term weight maintenance (i.e., you’ll keep off what you’ve lost).

-You probably think you move more than you do.



2.  Arm Ergometers Are Awesome!


In terms of cardiovascular activity, most people are used to the standard stuff like treadmill, bikes, and ellipticals.  Sleds and other circuit stuff have also become trendy as of late as well.  However, I’ve recently stumbled upon another really cool method for upper body cardiovascular training that is exceptionally badass.  If you’ve never tried and arm ergometer (basically an upper body bicycle), I’d highly suggest you give it a try.


Although most people would associate this primarily with a rehab setting, these are great for warming up the upper body prior to a workout, finishing up an upper body workout (your delts, biceps and triceps will be on fire), or for people who have knee or lower back issues the limit regular cardiovascular training.  More to the point, they are frigging HARD!


While commercial models (Monark being the most popular) can cost over $1500, you can often pick one of these up from a ”home health” type of store for anywhere between $50 and $150 depending on the gadgets attached.  I think these are awesome and would make a great addition to any home gym or studio where people are dealing with clients with knee and back issues.  Simply turn up the tension and crank it like a mofo!


3.  This Psoas IS Fillet Mignon


Just in case you missed it, someone commented on my previous psoas post stating that the psoas is actually the cut of meat we adore called fillet mignon.  I very scientifically checked this out (okay…I acutally looked it up on Wikipedia) and this appears to be true.  Go figure.  If you ever get into a plane crash and have to eat the flesh of another human at least you know where to start.


4.  FREE Core Interviews


A while back I had the opportunity to interview a whole bunch of really smart industry experts about everything to do with creating a strong and sexy core.  Check out this list:


Mike Robertson

Nick Tumminello

Jim “Smitty” Smith

Leigh Peele

Lyle McDonald

Martin Berkhan

Jimmy Smith

Scott Abel

John Paul Catanzaro

Brendan Fox

Thomas Myers

And last but not least…Dr. Stuart McGill!


You want these interviews don’t you?  Yeah…thought so.  I figured that since I’m in such a giving mood lately I’d just throw these down for FREE too.  Go get ‘em!


5.  Reminder – Get Your FREE Glute Training Ebook

Don’t forget to score yourself the most excellent glute training ebook in the world by my buddy Bret Contreras by leaving a comment on this page.  Comments are closed for the drawing at the end of day today.


That’s it for me today.  Go get your free stuff!



  1. Don’t you find measuring movement to be a case of majoring in the minor? We tend to try to quantify everything these days from macronutrients to caloric intake to calories burned doing cardio, bodyweight, measuremetns, bodyfat, to this to that and I can see this just adding to the whole “Quantification Syndrome” (Abel term) that stresses people out. LOL

    Comment by Erik Ledin — November 8, 2010 @ 2:24 PM

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  3. “Someone?” That would be me, and I’m shocked you thought it necessary to verify a comment from the smartest trainer in California, if not the entire West Coast.

    Comment by Steven Rice Fitness — November 9, 2010 @ 9:22 PM

  4. lol. I should’ve given you props Steven. But I verify everything. ;)

    Comment by markyoung — November 9, 2010 @ 9:40 PM

  5. Thanks Mark ! what a great line up.
    you are probably the best interviewer i listen to yet.
    Regrading the McGill interview, every time i tried downloading it gets cut at 19:30. Is there something worng with the download or is it when the interview actually ends ?

    Comment by Israel — November 10, 2010 @ 8:01 AM

  6. @ Israel – That is really strange. The whole interview should be there. Give it a try again and email me if it doesn’t work. I wonder if anyone else is having this problem. ???

    Comment by markyoung — November 10, 2010 @ 11:28 AM

  7. Nice interview with Lyle. Looking forward to listening to the rest…

    Comment by Danny McLarty — November 11, 2010 @ 10:48 AM

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