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~ 16/04/10

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Building a Powerful V-Shape

Tight, Stiff, and Buttless - Tips for tight hamstrings

7 Cardio Drills That Don’t Suck

TMuscle Twitter – Cool Tricks Edition - Contributor

Mythbusters Volume 7 - Contributor: When a weak muscle isn’t really weak

Interval Training Doesn’t Work


Unilateral Hypertrophy – Killing It One Leg at a Time! 

Uniltateral Hypertrophy – Killing It One Leg at a Time: Part 2


Bodybuilding Purists – Guest Blog


Controlling Your Core


Guest Blogs

The Tabata Myth – Guest blog at Robertson Training Systems

The Growth Hormone Hypertrophty Myth – Guest Blog for Bret Contreras

Why the Psoas Isn’t the Devil – Guest Blog for Rick Kaselj



Interview by Mike Robertson – How I got into the industry and tons more (Audio)

Interview by Bret Contreras - Favorite exercises, mentors, and word association

Interview by Patrick Ward - The importance of skepticism

Interview by Carson Boddicker - What makes good research and stuff fitness pros have dead wrong.

Interview by Robbie Bourke – All fired up again!  Plus my favorite books and tips for young coaches.

Interview by Chris Kelly – Thoughts on when to use and when to NOT use interval training for fat loss.


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